RadOffice IAS

RadOffice Image Acquisition System (RadOffice IAS) is a solution that can handle massive volumes of radiological images of various sources (CD/DVD/Scanned/electronically submitted) and preprocess them before sending them in a PACS. RadOffice IAS has been developped and put in production in 2005 for the leading insurance in charge of collecting the radiographic images for injury cases in Switzerland, the SUVA.

Radiological images collected from a large number of partners (in this case mainly all radiological institutes of Switzerland) need some data verification and preprocessing before being able to be archived in a centralized PACS.

The preprocessing contains following features:

Conventional radiological images

  • Automatic rotation/flip to correct position after scan
  • Automatic Detection of information (Study Date for example) with OCR
  • Quality control (manual)


  • DICOM Verification
  • Detection of duplicates

Electronical transmission

  • Request/Reply, or unattended acceptance of images
  • Full automatic operation