RadOffice Solution

Why should I choose a RadOffice solution ?

Among the numerous systems available on the market, the customer needs to select the appropriate criterias meeting his needs. Among them, the functionality of the software is an important one but other factors may also play an outstanding role in order to transform the project in a functional and economical success. This is particulary true for the RIS which may need many configuration to meet particular needs and requires broad acceptance among all users, from the secretaries, the technologist to the radiologists.

RadOffice solution is an efficient and economical way to introduce or replace a RIS/PACS information system.

Key Advantages



RadOffice ist more then a software. It is a solution including software, project management, consulting , training, customization, support & maintenance




Integrated RIS/PACS solution, open to other systems like HIS, EPR, Portal/3rd party systems




High user acceptance interface allows easy deployment




Single RadOffice installation can be deployed for multiple organizations/facilities




The solution is available in a Hosting mode (ASP or SaaS), soon following the “Cloud” concept




International and regional standards aware 

RadOffice features

RadOffice comes with state of the art features for RIS and PACS. They were mostly designed to make the work faster, pleasant and more secure, by automatisation or by carefull analysis of the workflows that we met in our 15 years of experiences with customers in radiology.

Please check the functionalities of RIS here and PACS here.


RadOffice delivery organisation

RadOffice solutions are implemented by customer project manager (CPJM) who focuss their work on organisation and information exchange, in collaboration with the customers and medspazio backbone resources. The actual software deployment is realized in background by remote entities. With this organisation, an optimum and cost effective project is made possible and the customer can keep control of the project. For large projects, the local CPJM is backed by a senior CPJM from medspazio competence center.

RadOffice delivery plan

In order to help deliver quickly the required features, medspazio delivers solutions in a 3-phases plan as described below: